Productivity PLUS™

It’s All About Business

Productivity PLUS™ provides simple solutions to help managing your life easier…both at work and at home. If you are ready to raise the bar on your quality of life by spending less time struggling with the paper, emails, and clutter that’s keeping you from taking a vacation or even getting home for dinner, Productivity PLUS™ is for you. This program will provide extremely simple, powerful and practical tips to get you back in the game called “Life”. Productivity PLUS™ can be learned quickly and used immediately to create positive changes in your day-to-day life. Productivity PLUS™ provides simple step-by-step techniques to teach people how to overcome the seven main productivity traps:

  1. Organization
  2. Paper: Processing & Filing
  3. Email & Technology
  4. Prioritization
  5. Time Management
  6. Project Management
  7. Personal Pitfalls
Productivity PLUS™

Productivity PLUS™ puts “SIMPLE” back in your life!

In order to remain competitive, even highly successful and profitable companies constantly look for ways to get more done, in less time, with fewer people. When employees become more focused, organized and productive, everything else flows more smoothly. Productivity PLUS™ builds your success on a more solid foundation of simple, systematized processes. Being organized in your business affects every aspect of the business:

  • The bottom line
  • Efficiency
  • Employee Health
  • Effectiveness
  • Employee Retentions
  • Time Management
  • Work Environments
  • Space

For Whom is This Training Beneficial?

  • People who are struggling with disorganization and its negative effects on their work and their life.
  • Anyone who would like to have more balance in their life and would like to be a better, more effective contributor to their organization.
  • Individuals who would benefit by presenting an image of competence and professional confidence to their associates and clients.
  • People who are overwhelmed with incoming items (paper, email, voice mail, to do lists, requests from other people, mountains of notes)
  • People struggling with prioritizing their work load.
  • Individuals who have extremely busy schedules and need to learn to manage their time rationally.
  • People who need more tools to effectively and efficiently manage projects. Whether it be a 1-person project or a 20-person project, learning how to manage deadlines and deliverables and effectively delegate is key to success.
  • Individuals who could benefit by understanding how their individual personality and psychological characteristics (and those of others) impact people’s ability to stay focused and organized.
  • Managers who would like to have more accountability on their team.
  • Entry level employees to top level executives.
  • Companies and business wanting to can cut down on absenteeism.
  • Companies or businesses use Productivity PLUS™ as an employee “perk” to help them learn how to be more efficient in the office.

How Does it Benefit The People Who Attend?

  • Many courses focus on mechanical techniques or gadgets such as special planners or software, which help people “temporarily” get things in order. But, a few days or weeks after these courses, people often revert to their old habits, and the chaos returns. Why? Because staying organized is really about habits, not gadgets.
  • With Productivity PLUS™, we place focus on key issues that cause chaos and disorganization in life and work. Productivity PLUS™ provides participants with simple, powerful and practical techniques to improve in each of these areas. Along with these practical techniques and simple tools we help people change their habits and effect positive changes which allows them to become more productive.
  • Productivity PLUS™ participants will have all the mental and physical tools and techniques they need to get and stay organized.
  • Most attendees are able to make changes in their offices and their lives immediately. The effect that it has on individuals ability to be effective, and the peace of mind it affords, is often immediate and dramatic.