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Raise the level of productivity in your workday by being clear about what your priorities are.  This way when you get interrupted you can easily reset and resume work on your most important tasks for the day.  When the day is over you will feel more accomplished than overwhelmed!


Pretend that everything you own needs its own address. Just like every piece of mail that the mailman has to deliver. That’s when you realize the importance of labeling. It gives you a higher likelihood of putting things in their place and finding it again – especially if you live with others. Labels are the addresses of your stuff! You can even make it into a game with the kids. Where does the “_” live? Before you know it everything will begin to take shape and you’ll be a lot closer to being organized!

Time Management

Time is one of our most valuable resources and one of the most mismanaged. If you had a large jar and several potatoes, some beans and a pitcher of lemonade which would you put in the jar first? The answer to the question is: the potatoes. The moral to the question is that if you don’t put the largest thing in first you won’t have room for them after you’ve filled it with everything else. The potatoes represent your most important tasks, the beans represent the smaller less significant things (paying bills, doing laundry, making copies…) the lemonade represents the fun in your life. When all the potatoes and beans are done there is still room for the lemonade to filter over it all and in the end you are less stressed! Figure out what your “potatoes” are early in the day and you’ll find you are less stressed out over managing your time!